When we first started down this journey with Nate, Angie and I didn't know what to expect. All we knew was that we had a little boy that when you looked into his eyes seemed very lost. Once we received the diagnosis we weren't exactly sure what it all meant and honestly I began putting together plans in my head to have this little precious boy spend the rest of his life with Angie and I taking care of him in our home. But then we prayed and prayed. And then we received answers one by one. The first prayer answered was Westview. Then the second one came, Tracey. Then the third, Caroline. And finally the fourth...those eyes that were once so lost had now been filled with life, love, laughter, excitement, adventure, and compassion. Our family can never repay each of you for your impact on this special boy and our family. If in life we could retire names like we do numbers in sports I would retire yours in a heartbeat because in my humble opinion I'm not sure anyone can ever fill those names to the full measure like you all have done.

Forever grateful,

Pediatric Therapy Center | Houston TX