Our Team

It is my privilege to take part in children's therapy journey. I like to make physical therapy fun with singing and incorporate it into function. Amidst strength and limitations, I look for possibilities of each child to move forward. It is fascinating to identify the missing puzzle at different levels and to facilitate internal control of the optimal function. My reward is to watch every "got it" moment: The grin on the little face is priceless.

Irene Kwang, PT

As a speech language pathologist, I have worked with pediatric patients and their families since 1976. I love my work for several reasons. It is a privilege to intersect with families regarding the concerns they have about their child and the child’s future functioning. Also, I love the challenge of problem-solving to determine the root issues that are causing the presenting problem(s). Finally, the variety of interventions that can be used to help a child progress continues to improve giving me the opportunities to constantly expand my skills.

Jackie Moseley

Today I took a boat ride down a river full of alligators, rode with Luke Skywalker into battle and built a castle for a princess; just another day at the office for me. You see being a pediatric occupational therapist allows me to travel with children and their imaginations on many adventures. On these adventures it is my job to help each child reach certain milestones that will help them become more independent in their daily life. We improve fine-motor skills, balance, coordination, sensory processing issues and activities of daily living while "playing". Some of our adventures can be challenging but seeing a child's smile or hearing them say "I did it" means we have accomplished one more milestone on their journey through life.

Owners of PTC: Nancy Burford and Jane Knowlton
pediatric Therapy Center | Owners
Nancy Burford, SLP and Jane Knowlton, PT, DPT
Physical Therapists
pediatric Therapy Center | Physical Therapists
L to R: Irene Kwang, Deirdre McDowell, Marla Lafferty, Denise Powers (back row)
Melissa Melcher, Jane Knowlton, Mike HIleman (front row)
Occupational Therapists
pediatric Therapy Center | Occupational Therapists
Left to right: Susan Hinz, Carole Horstman, Vaishali Nileshwar, Irma Riojas (back row)
Tracy Drogosek, Tracey Myers, Pam Paguio (front row)
Not pictured: Mary Hoffman, Corinda Presley
Speech Pathologists
pediatric Therapy Center | Speech Pathologists
Left to right: Amelia Villarreal, Nancy Burford, Lauren Gemmil, Lisa Walsh, Sharon Stone,
Madeline Wenske (back row)
Claire Rosenkild, Caroline Waltermire, June Dempsey (front row)
Not pictured: Anita Paryl, Brian Faleski
Administration and Office Staff
pediatric Therapy Center | Front Office Staff
Left to right: Cheri Cox, Crystal Williams, Louel Fabila, Nikki Woods, Virginia Orellana (back row)
Barbara Grundy, Christina Bednorz, (front row)